Hotels & Appartments in Füssen

I received many email from people asking me for some good hotels and apparments in the area around the city of Füssen. I did some research and came up with this list:

Best Appartments & Hotels in Füssen im Allgäu

4 Star Hotel Sonne in Füssen
2 Star Superior Hotel Fantasia in Füssen
4 Star Appartment & Hotel Landhaus Kössel in Hopfen am See / Füssen
Hotel Dreimäderlhaus in Weissensee / Füssen
NEW: Ferienwohnung Füssen (Town Center)

Best Appartments & Hotels near Füssen im Allgäu

4 Star Neuschwanstein Hotel Villa Ludwig in Hohenschwangau / Schwangau
4 Star Superior Wellnesshotel Mittelburg Allgäu in Oy-Mittelberg
Ferienwohnung Allgäu in Buching (10 minutes from Füssen)

I hope this list helps you! BTW: I have another great tip: While you are in Füssen take a trip to a small town called “Buching” and visit the Hoch’Alp Käse Shop (Cheese Shop)!

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The Historic City of Füssen, Bavaria

One of the best places that I have ever been too and would like to visit all over again and perhaps even move there is the historic city of Füssen, Bavaria. This is because of its beautiful nature, famous German castles and rich enchanting history that can blow anyone away. It would also not be right to leave out the fact that it is also known as the romantic soul of Bavaria and that it is well known for its violinmaking industry.

Its history goes back to the Roman era where a settlement developed on the road through Via Claudia Augusta. Here I had the golden opportunity to view the baroque monastery which was built from 1697 to 1727 as well as the most prominent landmark in the town Hohes Schloss also known as high palace. This was built from 1486 to 1505 and was used as the summer residence for Augsburg bishops. From here i made my way to the state gallery (Staatsgalerie) where i was treated to a wide array of gothic sculptures and paintings as well as the marvelous Rittersaal that features a gorgeous carved wooden ceiling. This thoroughly impressed me to the point that I had to make time to go see the heritage museum which also had a baroque of art work of the excarved medieval cloister and art work of the halls. Here I also got to see an exhibition of historical lutes and violins.

When I was done with the history of the historic City of Füssen, Bavaria, I went out to see some of the sights and attractions the town had to offer and I can say that I was pleasantly awed. A walk through the medieval town center laced with gabled colorful housing was quite worthwhile experience. This gave me the chance to also adore the facades of the old housing and browsing though a couple of shops to look for the perfect souvenir to take home.

Spitalkirche HL. Geist was one of the things that really caught my eye while in that fascinating town. This had a showcase of gorgeous frescoes and beautiful paintings inside. Sadly the spital and original church got burnt down in 1733. It was re built in 1748/1749 by Franz Karl Fischer an architect. You can visit the church any day as it is open daily in the morning at 8:30 am all the way to 6:00 pm.

City of Füssen
City of Füssen

The Festival Hall is something else that caught my eye as I was visiting the historic City of Füssen, Bavaria. This a modern center located on the shores of Forggensee and offers theater, musicals, concerts and an awesome view of the King’s castles and the mountains. The largest man-made lake in the entire Germany is also found here. It is known as Forggensee and was named this after Forggen town “drowned” and the dam was built. The lake offers numerous fun activities such as swimming, fishing, sailing and boating especially in summer. There are also numerous restaurants and hotels that I sampled and was not disappointed with what the town had to offer.

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